Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bon Voyage!

Today I celebrated Father's Day with my family. We went to our favorite Italian restaurant and had a wonderful time.  It was a hot sunny day and I decided to wear one of my new dresses that I've recently purchased for the summer.  I am loving nautical inspired clothing.  Anything with stripes is just so in trend right now. I put on my floppy hat and some red lipstick and felt as though I was leaving on a cruise to paradise! (I wish!) I took some photos before we left. Let me know what you think..

xoxo, Gloria

Dress- H&M
Hat- Steve Madden
Sandals- Bandelino
Purse- TJ Maxx


  1. Lovely, lovely, loooovely dress!!
    I'll definitely pop into my nearest H&M to see if I can find something similar:)


  2. the second picture is AMAZING! this outfit rocks =)